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The Europhysiome Initiative was promoted by the STEP coordination action, that is now closed. We truly hope the Europhysiome initiative will continue, but at this point in time, there is not a central organisation that operates it. We shall maintain this domain and this page active for a while, in the hope that future opportunities can re-start it.

The message below was sent to all experts involved with STEP by the scientific coordinator:

Dear Colleagues:
On March 30th, 2007 the STEP coordination action completed its activity. The action was a great success by all means, and achieved all objectives we set at the outset, in January 2006. In particular, the VPH Research roadmap is now available in the print form.

The first scope of this farewell message is to thank you all. Without the collective intelligence, energy and vision expressed during this year, the VPH would not be the concrete research challenge that it is today. At the personal level this year has been the most exciting of my life, from a professional point of view; I learnt a lot, and I conclude this work with a strong sense of achievement, which is not something easy to experience, nowadays. Thanks to those who did a lot, and those who did a little; those who agreed, and those who disagreed; those who joint at outset and those who joint at the end. With all these differences, still each of you was fundamental to the success of STEP. Thank You.

And Now? The call for proposal entitled Virtual Physiological Human should be out in days. It should call for proposals up to 76 Million Euro of EC support, including two small CSA, one NoE a few IP and many STRP projects. A few suggestions, for those who plan to submit a proposal: target the STRP projects, they are a better tool in this phase; as a project goal target something specific, but that can have a general utility for most if not all VPH projects; do not forget to include multiscale approach.

All these projects should start somewhere in 2008. And meanwhile? It will not be easy to maintain the momentum without an organised initiative like STEP. The best bet, in our opinion, is to keep alive the VPH community around Biomed Town. This is where you all come again into the equation. Inside Biomed Town The STEP Building is now closed, and will remain only for historical reasons and for documentation. All valuable resources were moved to the VPH Square, that from now on will be the agora of our community, if and only if each of us will contribute to keep it alive and well. VPH Events Folder and VPH News Folder should be constantly enriched with news and events info related to VPH, Physiome, Integrative Biology, and integrative research in general.

The staff in Bologna will continue to moderate this news concentration as part of the LHDL project, but the news must be generated by each of you; go to the relative folder in VPH Square, select News or Events item from the "add a new item" menu, compile it, and submit it for review. Also, you should help us in disseminating these news items. The news feed can be subscribed in RSS format here. If your technology support it, you are welcome to subscribe this feed and re-publish on your project/organisation web site, so that also your group is always updated on what is going on.

The STEP Public Forums will continue to exist. The VPH Newsletter will be generated every month, and posted on the relative forum. If you are not subscribed yet, the link below will add your name to the distribution list:

The step action public forum, which is the forum/mailing list from which you are receiving this message now will remain active, and should in my opinion provide the main discussion forum to our community. The scope will change a bit; we shall focus more on science and less on policies and lobbying. From now on the forum is fully moderated, and thus I invite any Biomed Town citizen involved with VPH research to post freely to this forum. You can do it from the web interface. Only if you are subscribed to the forum, you can also post messages by send emails to this address.

The Want/Offer VPH Board service was created for conference #2, but we decided to leave it active afterward. You can use it to post useful resources. I suggest that it could be used to ask-offer participation in VPH consortia.

The VPH Public Presentations folder contains links to a collection of dissemination material developed during the STEP action. If you need to evangelise others on the VPH, you are welcome to use this material freely. Also, if you generate additional dissemination material (pictures, slide shows, movies) related to your VPH research, you can share the download link with the rest of us here.

The VPH-related projects & resources folder is a listing of research projects around the world that are related to the VPH. Make sure your project is listed here.

The VPH Definitions folder contains a copy of the WiKi collection we wrote during the STEP consensus process. Form now on this is the copy that will be maintained by our community, if a revision/extension is needed.

Last, but not least, the World Integrative Research Initiative folder contains the WIRI Agreement. This is a expression of good will that integrative research projects are signing, so as to have a shared agenda, but also to demonstrate that we are worldwide community. If you want your consortium to subscribe this agreement, please write to me directly.

That's all folks, sorry for the long message. It was fun; let see if we can keep up with the life after STEP.

Best regards
Marco Viceconti
STEP, Scientific Coordinator

STEP: a Strategy for The EuroPhysiome
is a coordination action (Coordination Action # 027642) partially supported by the European Commission. It aims to provide a roadmap to the development of the Virtual Physiological Human. STEP represents a collective European response to the individual actions by creating an integrated framework - EuroPhysiome - which, while remaining true to the overall physiome concept, can accelerate the progress of the European teams by avoiding redundancy, enhancing compatibility, identifying deliverables and time scales, etc.

The action, that is expected to involve most stakeholders, including researchers, clinicians, and industry representatives, is steered by a consortium of 9 partners:
  1. University of Luton (LUT)
  2. Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli (IOR)
  3. Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
  4. University of Sheffield (USFD)
  5. Aalborg Hospital (AAS)
  6. University of Oxford (UOXF)
  7. University of Nottingham (NOT)
  8. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - LaMI (CNRS)
  9. University College London (UCL)
The action started on 1st January 2006 and will end on 30th March 2007

All the activities of the STEP action are hosted by Biomed Town, which provides the STEP project Infrastructure

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