2023: The Year of No-Normal Travel with LYOTRAVEL

• The travel industry has almost recovered from the pandemic and is experiencing a surge in demand for travel.
• Expedia Group calls 2023 the Year of the „No-Normal“ as people are looking for cultural hubs, wellness getaways, and outdoor destinations apart from beaches and mountains.
• LYOTRAVEL is a digital travel company offering an expansive selection of properties with prices up to 40% cheaper than mainstream platforms while accepting payment via cryptocurrency.

The Travel Industry Rebounding

The pandemic restrictions had eased up in 2022 and airlines struggled to keep up with the influx of passengers due to staff cuts pre-pandemic. Now three years on from the pandemic, our lives are returning back to normal with mask restrictions lifted across most of the world. The travel industry has almost made up for all job losses that occurred during the pandemic, hiring both new and former staff. Emirates Airlines reported a staggering 10% growth in 2022 alone.

Vacationers Seeking Innovative Experiences

Expedia Group calls 2023 the Year of „No-Normal“ as travelers search for experiences away from traditional vacation spots such as beaches or mountain resorts. Cultural hubs, wellness getaways, and outdoor destinations have seen an uptick in demand as travelers look for ways to feel safe while also having unique experiences.

LYOTRAVEL: A Digital Travel Company

LYOTRAVEL is a digital travel company founded in 2020 that integrates cryptocurrency into payment portals with its mission being making it easier for everyone to experience the world. The platform currently offers 2,200,000+ properties with 124 destinations at prices up to 40% cheaper than other booking platforms. Not only does LYOTRAVEL accept more traditional forms of payment but also cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Binance Coin and LYO Credit as well.

Decentralized Technology & Tourism

LYOTRAVEL’s vision is to align travel booking with decentralized technology standards so that anyone can access their services regardless of location or financial status allowing them to explore any part of the globe they desire without worrying about money constraints or availability issues caused by external factors such as pandemics or political unrests that could otherwise limit their ability to enjoy their travels safely without any added stressors related to cost and safety concerns alike.

2023: The Year Of Travel

2023 marks a new era where traveling once again becomes accessible but this time innovatively integrated within various forms such as through cryptocurrency payments thanks companies like LYOTravel who are paving a path towards an environment where anyone can experience anything anywhere! With recovery efforts finally paying off this year looks set be one that will see global tourism prospering yet again after taking hits during recent years; allowing us all once again explore cultures around us while simultaneously promoting economic growth throughout communities worldwide!