Bitcoin Prices Soar as Inflation Slides: Get Your $12 Bonus Now!

• Inflation has been slowly decreasing in the US and UK, leading to a slight rise in mid-May for Bitcoin prices.
• Analysts have noted that this eases fears about the economy’s future and could potentially end rate hikes that started the crypto winter over a year ago.
• Bitcoin lost more than 70% of its value from November 2021 until early 2022 due to inflation and rate hikes.

Inflation and Rate Hikes

Inflation has been at historically high levels in the US and UK for the last few years, with gas prices, food prices, and other goods increasing significantly. This led to difficulty putting money to positive use, as well as weak economic leadership, resulting in rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. These rate hikes started what is known as “the crypto winter” which saw Bitcoin drop from an all-time high of $68,000 in November 2021 to around $16,600 early 2022 due to tight liquidity conditions.

Easing of Inflation

Recently however inflation has begun to ease slightly with consumer price index reports showing it now just below five percent – lower than expected by many analysts and economists. This easing of inflation has eased fears about the economy’s future and could lead to an end in rate hikes – something that would be beneficial for digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Analysts Weigh In

Callie Cox – an analyst at investment firm e-Toro – commented on this decrease saying: “When it comes to inflation data bitcoin embraces its identity as a riskier asset… Lower inflation also supports the case for the end of rate hikes…” Steven Lubka – managing director at Swan Bitcoin – also had his say noting that “this represents an easing of tight liquidity conditions… which bitcoin has done extremely well historically.”

Recent Gains

As a result of these reports Bitcoin prices surged slightly mid-May with analysts expecting further gains if inflation continues to drop. This would mean good news for digital currencies as they move away from their tumultuous period during early 2022 when inflation was highest and rates were constantly changing.


It appears that some respite may finally be coming for digital currencies after a difficult period caused by high rates of inflation accompanied by constant changes in rates imposed by federal governments around the world. The recent decreases are encouraging news both for investors looking into digital currencies such as Bitcoin but also those who are already investing in them – with analysts predicting further gains if current trends continue into next month or so.