Medical student who has invested in Atlas has request denied

A NLP professional, an English teacher and a medical student in Buenos Aires has a problem rescuing investments.

A Brazilian, a medical student in Argentina, who invested in Atlas Quantum, had his request denied by the courts. The man claims to have invested more than R$500,000 in the business and is unable to withdraw.

The case is just another round in the mystery of Atlas, a fintech based in São Paulo. When Bitcoin’s earnings were promised to investors when it appeared on the Brazilian cryptomime market in recent years.

By capturing investments without authorization, it did not take long for the business to attract the attention of the authorities. In 2019, the CVM finally fined the company, issuing a stop order.

Since then customers run to withdraw their investments, very unsuccessfully. In the Bitcoin Superstar app Brazilian justice system, numerous cases come every day against Atlas.

Brazilian medical student asks for R$ 500,000 invested in Atlas Quantum in the justice system.
The Bitcoin is a coin founded on a simple motto: your key, your currency. This makes it clear that whoever holds the private key to an address is the legitimate owner of a coin.

However, companies appear on the market offering fixed and above average incomes. One of these was Atlas Quantum, which was recently called the financial pyramid by a judge.

But one new case that has reached the São Paulo courts is that of a medical student. The man who is also a NLP professional and an English teacher, currently lives in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

In the lawsuit he filed against Atlas, he asks for R$557,484.00 back. The amount would have been invested in the company, but he cannot withdraw his coins.

With this unavailability, which is in fact common in the company, he asks for his investment back in court. The value, according to the price of Bitcoin today, would give more than 9 BTCs.

Justice denied request for free in the lawsuit
The medical student who sues Atlas Quantum has requested the benefit of free justice. In such cases, the judge usually asks for bank statements and proof of assets.

By proving his record, including the recent purchase of land, the court denied the request. In order to proceed with his case he must then collect the procedural costs.

„Moreover, the evidence in the case file does not allow the conclusion to be drawn that the benefit is necessary. It should be noted that the plaintiff initially qualified as an „investor“, claiming to be a neurolinguistic programming professional (NLP) and an English teacher, in addition to being a medical student in Buenos Aires/Argentina, a narrative in which there are already strong indications of at least a good financial condition“, the judge ruled

The very condition of investing in Bitcoin already removes the benefit in other similar cases in the courts. Those who invest in Bitcoin are even entitled to free justice, but must prove their eligibility via documents.

The case is just one more that comes before the courts against Atlas Quantum, accused by several clients in the judiciary today of disappearing with their money.