Skull of Satoshi Artist Apologizes: Never Meant To Be Anti-Bitcoin

• Benjamin Von Wong, a Canadian artist responsible for creating the “Skull of Satoshi” installation, has apologized for his work claiming it was never meant to be anti-bitcoin.
• The installation was created in an effort to shed light on the wasteful energy use in the bitcoin mining industry.
• Despite backlash from those who feel Bitcoin is simply being pushed towards PoS territory like Ethereum, Wong has stated he will remove himself from future projects similar with Skull of Satoshi and better understand the nuance between progress and perfection.

Benjamin Von Wong Apologizes for “Anti-Bitcoin” Project

Canadian artist Benjamin Von Wong recently apologized for his work on the “Skull of Satoshi” project, claiming it was never intended to be anti-bitcoin. The goal of this project was to draw attention to the wasteful energy use in bitcoin mining.

Project Supported by Cryptocurrency Heads

The project has been supported by several cryptocurrency heads including Chris Larsen, co-founder of Ripple. The idea behind it is to “change the code, not the climate.” Unfortunately there has been some backlash from those who believe that bitcoin is being pushed towards Proof-of-Stake (PoS) territory like Ethereum’s.

Rolf Skar’s Statement

Rolf Skar, a special projects manager at Greenpeace USA commented: „We are pointing to the fact that other cryptocurrencies realized that Proof-of-Work (PoW) has an energy problem and changed… Bitcoin is sticking to decade-old technology while other newer cryptocurrencies are cutting their carbon emissions.“

Wong’s Future Plans

In response to this backlash, Wong stated he will remove himself from any future projects similar with Skull of Satoshi so he can really analyze himself and his work and see where it is specifically that he can contribute more effectively towards environmental responsibility. He further mentioned: „I’m trying to better understand the nuance between progress and perfection.“


Despite some negative feedback surrounding his project, Wong still believes humans can be innovative enough that they manage find new ways of ensuring environmental sustainability while remaining creative.