Golden Profit Review – Is it a Profitable Investment?

New York, NY – ( NewMediaWire ) on September 1 20th, 2020 – Investors who trade cryptocurrency every day have another reason to be happy over their investment choice. Golden Profit’s founders Golden Profit have stated that the automated trading platform that they created is among the top. Golden Profit’s Golden Profit team has continued to transform lives by launching the trading platform automated that is accessible to all.

The decision of which auto trading platform to use for cryptocurrency can be difficult because there are a myriad of choices on the internet. That’s why it’s recommended to go to the official platforms online for all the various crypto trading systems to see what they offer. There’s a lot of information available on the Golden Profit website. The creators of the automated platform for trading crypto have made it clear to their customers that it’s one of the most effective systems available and all the necessary features have been integrated into the system to make it more profitable.

The reviews written from investors that have utilized the platform for trading crypto suggests the fact that Golden Profit is good for trading. Investors who are happy have stated that they have been successful in earning profits from the crypto market by trading on the platform. According to accounts, trading with Golden Profit is one of the most efficient ways to become financially secure and stress-free. Check out to check out their automated trading platform.


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Golden Profit’s Golden Profit operating system has been explained in the Golden Profit official site. The system for trading in cryptos is an automated crypto-robot that can be turned on in the event that the account owner wishes to earn money from the cryptocurrency market. Once it is activated Golden Profit’s Golden Profit trading robot scans the market for crypto currencies to identify the best deals which will bring in the highest profits once it has been finished.

The robot that trades on the website has been designed to buy and sell cryptocurrency for the investor. The data on the site suggests that it takes just a couple of seconds to identify and close a transaction in the marketplace. The trading procedure is repeated until the owner of the account has finished his live session.

Golden Profit’s founders Golden Profit have informed their public that the time of the trading session takes place in real-time. This is a great information for prospective investors who can verify by experts in the area that it is ideal to trade cryptos in real-time.

Following trading, the trader can cash out their profits into the local bank account.

What is the average amount that investors earn each day?

The regular clients who trade on Golden Profit every day have shared important details about the income earned by the market. Based on the information provided by Golden Profit, users who are active make up to $1,000 each day. The experts from the crypto industry that have studied Golden Profit have confirmed this information.

They also have explained to potential investors and the general public that the erratic nature of the market for cryptocurrency makes it challenging to achieve a steady figure each time a user makes a trade using Golden Profit. This means that the profit earned from the market can fluctuate. Experts have proven there is a possibility to make more in the cryptocurrency market according to the amount the user makes in the Golden Profit account.

The advantages of trading using Golden Profit

The following benefits have been identified as potential advantages that investors who are new to Golden Profit can enjoy every day. These benefits have been made public on the communication channels online utilized by the owners of Golden Profit, to enable their whole audience to see the details and take action according to the facts.

The initial capital for Golden Profit’s Golden Profit crypto trading platform is only $250. account holders with active profiles are given the chance to trade on the platform and make more cash from the crypto market. The deposit is low and affordable and means that a lot of investors won’t need to take out the money they require to start trading in cryptocurrency profitably.

A precise trading robot

The cryptocurrency trading robot has been classified to be among the top precise methods in the crypto market. The accuracy of the crypto trading robot has been estimated at 99%. that is the reason why most transactions made through the platform for trading crypto result in the account owner getting richer.

Experts have explained why it is essential to use a reliable system. According to the experts they have confirmed that trading with a precise robot can increase profits because the transactions chosen will result in a profit. The results of the accuracy tests conducted for this Golden Profit crypto trading system were verified by experts from outside sources. The company’s owners of the auto cryptocurrency trading platform have confirmed that they have enlisted external experts to verify their findings because they want to establish trust with their clients.

Online security for trading sessions

Trading sessions that are conducted that are conducted on Golden Profit are secure. Golden Profit platform are secure. This is a great benefit for those who invest in the crypto market who are looking to trade with more capital. Trading sessions are conducted in real-time. This makes it ideal for software engineers who are able to use numerous reputable online security tools that provide immediate protection against cybercriminals and other types of cybercrime.

The Golden Profit development team has stated that they are determined to protect all traders who use their platform online, they’ve also provided instructions to everyone who uses the platform. These tips outline the steps that need to be followed to immediately notify the customer support team in case they suspect any kind of suspicious activities on their cryptocurrency trading platform, while using the platform.

Golden Profit is fully automated

Golden Profit’s creators Golden Profit have informed their customers that it is an entirely automated cryptocurrency trading system that could be used to make many dollars online. The market experts as well verified the fact that Golden Profit is fully automated. The data collected from prospective investors who utilized Golden Profit to buy and sell cryptocurrency suggests that it is one of the most simple cryptocurrency trading platforms anybody can utilize. The concept behind an automated system for crypto is its ease of use for investors who are new to making profits from the cryptocurrency market.

Profiting by trading every day

The whole platform for trading in crypto has been upgraded to boost the amount of money earned by investors. As per the team of investment Golden Profit can be used to purchase and sell crypto investors are able to believe that the system works well. New investors say that they can earn as high as $1000 per day using Golden Profit.

With such a high profit yield, it’s possible to make enough money so to afford any kind of lavish lifestyle that pleases the investor.

Golden Profit Review – Conclusion

It has been confirmed by experts they are sure that Golden Profit works, and data gathered from regular users confirms making money through the cryptocurrency market is simple using Golden Profit. Additionally, users have confirmed that the earnings earned by Golden Profit is safe to withdraw into an account at a local bank that is linked to the automatic trading platform.

Die Sims: Deluxe Edition PC

Die Deluxe Edition enthält das Originalspiel Die Sims sowie das erste World Life-Plugin. Darüber hinaus wurden ein spezieller Charakter-Editor und völlig neue, noch nie dagewesene Elemente der Wohnungseinrichtung hinzugefügt.

Beschreibung des Spiels

Es handelt sich um eine Sonderausgabe der beliebten Lebenssimulation, die die Basisversion von Die Sims ersetzt. Die Deluxe Edition enthält das ursprüngliche Die Sims-Spiel mit der ersten Erweiterung – Livin‘ Large. Darüber hinaus wurde ein spezieller Charakter-Editor mit einer Reihe brandneuer, einzigartiger Einrichtungsgegenstände hinzugefügt. Außerdem gibt es neue Wand- und Bodentexturen, zwei neue Einrichtungsstile – Roman und Science Fiction. Es ist ein einfach zu bedienender Editor enthalten – Sie können Ihre eigenen Objekte, Skins und Logos erstellen, die einfach im Spiel verwendet werden können.

Die Sims ist die erste Lebenssimulation, die von der Firma Maxis entwickelt wurde und eine Revolution in diesem Genre einleitete. Die im Spiel geschaffene virtuelle Welt kommt unserer Realität sehr nahe, indem sie das tägliche Leben abbildet – die damit verbundenen Freuden und Probleme. Im Spiel kannst du eine ganze Sims-Familie gründen, sie durch eine Vielzahl von Karrieren führen, Freunde finden und lieben. Es ist ein offenes Spiel, so dass die Spieler die Freiheit haben, eigene Ziele zu definieren und die Zukunft der Sims zu gestalten.

Die Sims: Livin‘ Large ist die erste Erweiterung des Spiels. Es gibt fünf zusätzliche Karrierewege für die Sims, wie zum Beispiel Musiker, Journalisten, Computer-Hacker oder Spezialisten für paranormale Phänomene. Darüber hinaus gibt es 125 neue Gegenstände, 50 Arbeitsplätze und neue Charaktere. Außerdem erhalten die Sims neue Funktionen und Fähigkeiten.

Die Sims Deluxe Edition herunterladen PC

Betriebssysteme: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Wie man die Sims unter Windows spielt herunterladen und entpacken
Mounten Sie The Sims.iso – wenn Sie nicht wissen, wie man Dateien mounten kann, lesen Sie bitte diese Anleitung:
Öffnen Sie die gemountete Datei und führen Sie „Setup.exe“ aus. Wählen Sie Ihre Sprache aus. Wählen Sie auf dem nächsten Bildschirm „Installieren“.
Folgen Sie den Anweisungen auf dem Bildschirm, um die Installation abzuschließen. Wenn Sie aufgefordert werden, eine Seriennummer einzugeben, gehen Sie zu \Game Files\NoCD und verwenden Sie eine der Seriennummern in „serial.txt“.
Wenn die Installation abgeschlossen ist, gehen Sie erneut zu \Game Files\NoCD und kopieren Sie „Sims.exe“.
Gehen Sie in den Ordner, in den Sie Die Sims installiert haben – wenn Sie nicht wissen, wo das ist, klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die Desktop-Verknüpfung für Die Sims und wählen Sie „Dateispeicherort öffnen“. Fügen Sie die Datei „Sims.exe“ aus Schritt 5. in diesen Ordner ein. Bestätigen Sie, dass Sie die Datei an diesem Ort ersetzen möchten.
Starten Sie „Sims.exe“, um das Spiel zu spielen.

T-Online: E-Mail-Passwort vergessen – was tun?

Sie haben bei T-Online Ihr E-Mail-Passwort vergessen, Sie müssen nicht verzweifeln: Wir zeigen Ihnen in diesem Artikel, wie Sie sich ein neues Passwort generieren lassen können.

E-Mail-Passwort bei T-Online vergessen – so geht’s jetzt

Gehen Sie auf und klicken Sie oben rechts auf „Kundencenter“. Hier wählen Sie „Passwort vergessen“. Unter „Identifikation“ geben Sie Ihre E-Mail Adresse oder Zugangsnummer ein. Unter „Code eingeben“ geben Sie den angezeigten Sicherheitscode ein. Klicken Sie dann auf „Weiter“. Anschließend müssen Sie Ihr persönliches Passwort angeben. Dieses finden Sie in Ihrer Dokumentation von T-Online. Die Zugangsdaten wurden Ihnen in den Einstellungen Ihres Telekom-Anschlusses zugesandt. Klicken Sie nun auf „Weiter“. Geben Sie nun das neue Passwort ein und wählen Sie „Weiter“.

T-Online: E-Mail funktioniert nicht – was tun?

Wenn Ihre T-Online E-Mail kein Service ist, kann es daran liegen, dass die Telekom auf eine SSL-Verschlüsselung umstellt. Deshalb müssen Sie aktiv werden. Wir zeigen Ihnen, was Sie dafür tun müssen.

T-Online POP3-Posteingang richtig konfigurieren

Um Ihre E-Mails in Zukunft SSL-gesichert zu empfangen, müssen Sie nur ein paar Adressen und Ports ändern. Ansonsten kann es sein, dass Sie keine Emails mehr empfangen können. Wir zeigen Ihnen am Beispiel des Thunderbirds, wie Sie vorgehen:
Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf das betroffene Konto und wählen Sie „Einstellungen“. Wichtige Schritte können Sie auch in der Bildergalerie nachvollziehen. Gehen Sie links zu den „Servereinstellungen“. Nun geht es an den „Servertyp“. Steht dort „POP“, sind Sie in diesem Abschnitt richtig. Wenn IMAP, können Sie mit dem zweiten Abschnitt fortfahren. Es geht weiter mit dem Feld „Server“: steht dahinter „“ und Port ist „995“ eingestellt, dann sind Ihre Mails bereits verschlüsselt. Sie können dann an dieser Stelle aufhören. Wenn dort „“ steht, dann müssen Sie neue Einstellungen vornehmen: tragen Sie den Port auf „995“ ein. Bei der Verbindungssicherheit wählen Sie „SSL/TLS“. Als Authentifizierungsmethode müssen Sie „Passwort, normal“ wählen. Im Falle von „“ geben Sie die Serveradresse „“ ein. Ansonsten wählen Sie die gleichen Einstellungen wie in Schritt vier. Wechseln Sie nun nach links zum Menüpunkt „Postausgangsserver“. Klicken Sie mit der linken Maustaste auf das gewünschte Konto und drücken Sie dann auf „Bearbeiten“. Wenn Ihre POP3-Adresse vorher „“ war, tragen Sie unter „Server“ „“ ein. Der richtige Port 465 ist „“. Für den Rest der Felder gelten wieder die Werte aus Schritt vier. Wenn Ihre Adresse vorher „“ war, besteht der einzige Unterschied zwischen Schritt sechs und der neuen Adresse. Diese lautet „“. Den Rest der Einstellungen können Sie übernehmen.

Fit für SSL und die richtigen IMAP-Einstellungen

IMAP bedeutet, dass im Gegensatz zu POP3, Ihre Emails nur serverseitig verwaltet werden. Die Nachrichten werden nicht lokal gespeichert. Auch hier müssen Sie neue Einstellungen vornehmen. Glücklicherweise brauchen Sie hier nicht zwischen zwei Varianten zu unterscheiden:
Die Adresse hinter dem „Server“ brauchen Sie nicht zu ändern. Stellen Sie nun im Feld hinter dem „Port“ auf „993“ ein. Die richtige Einstellung ist an nächster Stelle das „SSL/TLS“. Belassen Sie die Authentifizierungsmethode auf „Passwort, normal“. Gehen Sie nun links in der Baumstruktur auf den „Postausgangsserver“. Wählen Sie das T-Online Konto aus und drücken Sie dann auf „Bearbeiten“. Wie beim Posteingangsserver stellen Sie als Verbindungssicherheit „SSL/TLS“ ein. Der richtige Port ist „465“. Auch hier die Authentifizierungsmethode auf „Passwort, normal“. Jetzt müssen Sie nur noch mit „OK“ bestätigen.
Auch bei werden Sie neue Einstellungen vorgenommen haben, so dass sie in Zukunft Mails über SSL-gesicherte Verbindungen empfangen können.

Handling of crypto-currencies: are they organized on forums?

The manipulations are organized by online communities.

Jake Daniels explored a scenario where he had to buy the ADA token

Forums will continue to find Crypto Revolt that are climbing and reap the money generated by media attention.

All these massive hikes organized by online communities are making a crowd of new traders drool with envy looking for the next big asset. It is no coincidence that I have noticed an increase in posts regarding participation in “pump discord groups” on Twitter.

I’m a marketing project manager at CoinSmart, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange . My role is to create animated and topical graphics that highlight the cryptocurrency that will be talked about.

On Tuesday, February 2, I was investigating whether a particular event had been responsible for the 20% rise in Cardano’s ( ADA ) share price. Was this a new tech announcement, or a new manipulation of the WallStreetBets forum?

Browsing through the hashtag $ ADA on Twitter, I observe that it is inundated with identical tweets mentioning a group of people looking to manipulate the market.

“$ Ada handled by a lot of people tonight!”

“#Wallstreetsbets and other forums will manipulate $ ada. They have already attacked $ xrp, $ doge, $ gme and $ amc! Check the court of these assets ”.

I considered this situation, and envisioned a scenario where if I were to buy ADA while under the effect of FOMO, what would happen?

Cryptocurrency case number one: ADA

The first order: Browse tweets about ADA manipulation and merge them into intervals to measure trading volume . You will find below this volume on the history of the token price.

Although it may be a coincidence, when the volume of spam increases, a slight increase in prices ensues. Maybe a few people realize the situation and decide to buy. Or maybe it’s trading robots that use this indicator as a buying factor.

Let’s zoom out for a few hours and put that into perspective.

We can see spam rushing through Twitter when the cryptocurrency has hit its peak: one minute, actually. We, the amateur investors, do not yet know that this is the right time.

Instead, we take a look at GME, AMC and DOGE cryptocurrencies and stocks, which have risen by over 100%, and hope that this so called “#wallstreetsbets in partnership with Discord” will do its magic!

With perfect anticipation? It certainly doesn’t sound like market manipulation. In any case, their method worked.

Find more examples

I want to know more about the consistency of this group and its patterns. So I zoom out again.

Below I have counted the number of times the group URL is found in tweets. These tweets have again been grouped into two minute intervals where each color represents a different message.

“XRP and DOGE cryptocurrencies were boosted by the same group that drove AMC and GME stocks soaring. This group grew to 50,000 members in 24 hours. “

“This forum is going to push XRP up tonight at exactly 9pm GMT. They also brought up the DOGE a few days ago. “

“The price of XRP is boosted by a forum that also raised the DOGE. The #dogecoinarmy is formed in a group of 200,000 members. „

A ação judicial da SEC relativa ao XRP não impediu a inscrição

A ação judicial da SEC relativa ao XRP não impediu a inscrição de 15 novos clientes

A firma de pagamentos Blockchain Ripple continuou a adicionar novos clientes, mesmo depois que a Comissão de Valores Mobiliários dos Estados Unidos (SEC) anunciou uma ação judicial contra a Bitcoin Era firma e dois de seus executivos alegando que eles levantaram „mais de US$ 1,3 bilhão através de uma oferta de ativos digitais não registrados e em andamento“ referindo-se ao XRP.

O CEO da Ripple Brad Garlinghouse revelou na mídia social que a firma „assinou 15 novos clientes após a reclamação da SEC“, o que, como relata a Decrypt, sugere que a empresa vem adicionando dois novos clientes por semana. A empresa está agora „vendo mais clientes do que nunca“.

A crescente demanda por serviços financeiros digitais e interoperabilidade de pagamentos, disse Garlinghouse, impulsionou a adoção da RippleNet, ajudando o número de negócios assinados no ano passado a aumentar 80% em relação ao ano anterior, com as transações crescendo 1.700%.

RippleX contribuiu para as atualizações da versão XRPL, criou uma ferramenta com Energy Web para que QUALQUER pessoa possa ajudar a descarbonizar a cadeia de bloqueio de sua escolha (criptografia pode ser sustentável!), e está ajudando a construir novos casos de uso para XRP com outros participantes do setor. 2/3
– Brad Garlinghouse (@bgarlinghouse) 25 de janeiro de 2021

A Ripple também continuou a construir no XRP Ledger (XRPL) juntamente com a comunidade XRP através da RippleX. Para os desenvolvedores da empresa optam por construir sobre o XRPL „por seu desempenho, baixo custo, confiabilidade e segurança, acessibilidade e atributos inerentemente verdes“.

A Garlinghouse acrescentou que no ano passado o XRP Ledger se tornou o primeiro grande bloqueador mundial a „descarbonizar em parceria com a Energy Web Foundation“.

Continuaremos engajando os mais de 100 projetos

Hoje, o RippleX atinge 12 milhões de usuários através do XRPL e do Protocolo Interledger, e faz parceria com mais de 40 empresas campeãs do XRP utility incluindo Coil, Forte, BRD, Bitpay e Flare. Continuaremos engajando os mais de 100 projetos que atualmente utilizam XRPL, inspirando os desenvolvedores com as melhores aplicações e funcionalidades da categoria.

A empresa também acrescentou pessoal ao longo do ano, incluindo „talentos de primeira linha“ a sua equipe de liderança com experiência de empresas como Apple, PayPal, Amazon, Tesla, e Twitter. Como informou CryptoGlobe, o fundador da TechCrunch, Michael Arrington, questionou recentemente a decisão da SEC de processar a Ripple.

Enquanto a maioria das plataformas criptográficas decidiu desistir da XRP logo após o processo ter sido anunciado, a Ripple ficou do lado da Ripple no processo, argumentando que a ação da SEC prejudicou os investidores da XRP. Crypto Exchange Uphold apontou que o objetivo da SEC é proteger os consumidores, e acredita que é difícil ver „como um julgamento tornando o XRP essencialmente inútil e infligindo bilhões de dólares de perdas aos investidores de varejo“ se ajustaria a esse objetivo.

A própria Ripple argumentou que a ação judicial „já afetou inúmeros detentores inocentes de XRP varejistas sem nenhuma conexão com a Ripple“. Acrescentou ainda que „turvou as águas para as bolsas, os criadores de mercado e os comerciantes“.

Ripple’s XRP explodes almost 60% – what’s behind the pump?

The past few months have been challenging for Ripple’s XRP owners . The cryptocurrency plummeted in price while the other top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization saw price growth that has not been seen in years.

Ripple’s XRP’s drop in price is due to the charges brought against Ripple Labs and two of its executives in December. The SEC’s charges include the sale of over $ 1 billion in unlicensed securities based on the sale of Ripple’s XRP. The SEC claims that Ripple’s XRP is a security – a designation that has not been assigned to the two major cryptocurrencies, Profit Secret and Ether.

That announcement resulted in a price drop of over 50 percent as many platforms using RippleNet and Ripple’s XRP ceased operations over these allegations. These platforms are not regulated by the SEC and want to stay that way.

As such, these allegations could bring them under US jurisdiction if they are involved in the sale of securities to users. Even regulated firms like Grayscale, the largest digital asset manager in the cryptocurrency space, reduced XRP holdings after this announcement.

Ripple is fighting back

Many stakeholders in the XRP ecosystem were extremely upset by these claims. Some filed petitions.

Some have turned against the SEC for waiting seven years after Ripple’s XRP launched to take action. Others sued platforms like Coinbase for allowing the unregistered sale of securities.

Aside from all of the drama surrounding these allegations in late 2020, Ripple responded legally to the allegations. In the filing, they alleged that the charges are based on „an unprecedented and ill-conceived legal theory – with no legal mandate or authorization from Congress“.

Ripple says XRP is not a security

The Ripple Labs legal team states that Ripple’s XRP is not a security. They justify this with the fact that “XRP performs a number of functions that differ from the functions of“ securities ”, as the law has understood this term for decades. For example, the token functions as a medium of exchange […] It is not a security and the SEC has no authority to regulate it as such ”.

Ripple Labs, Brad Garlinghouse, and Christian Larsen claim that since the token acts as a „currency,“ which is a means of storing and transferring value, the SEC has no jurisdiction over it as a security.

However, Ripple Labs and the other two defendants allegedly sold over $ 1 billion to Ripple’s XRP to fund their businesses – and for personal reasons. This has traditionally not been possible with a privately issued “currency”. For now, Ripple’s XRP will remain pending, but it should be very interesting to see how the SEC reacts.

However, the crypto community seems happy that Ripple is officially reacting – at least if the price can be an indication of it.

Mężczyzna z Wielkiej Brytanii oferuje miastu 72 miliony dolarów za pozwolenie na wykopanie odrzuconego Bitcoin Fortune

James Howells, pracownik IT z Wielkiej Brytanii, zaoferował radzie miejskiej Newport 72 miliony dolarów w zamian za pozwolenie na wykopanie dysku twardego, który wyrzucił w 2013 roku, na którym przechowywanych jest 7500 BTC.

Według The Telegraph Howells przypadkowo wyrzucił dysk twardy podczas sprzątania swojego domu

Jego fortuna Bitcoin została zarobiona poprzez wydobywanie z procesorem, kiedy wciąż było stosunkowo łatwo wydobywać flagową kryptowalutę.

Kiedy jego fortuna zaczęła być warta miliony, próbował odzyskać twardy dysk, ale rada miasta Newport nieustannie odrzucała jego prośby. Według tabloidu dziennika Newport South Wales Argus , złożył on teraz miastu ofertę wartą 25% funduszy w formie darowizny na pomoc w związku z COVID-19.

Przy obecnych cenach BTC przechowywane na dysku twardym jest warte prawie 300 milionów dolarów. Pracownik IT podobno powiedział, że potrzebuje tylko dostępu do zapisów na wysypisku, aby wiedzieć, gdzie szukać, i że zespół poszukiwawczy stworzy hermetyczne uszczelnienie, aby zapobiec uwalnianiu trujących gazów.

Komentując możliwość znalezienia funduszy, Howells powiedział, że „nie ma gwarancji”, że dysk twardy nadal będzie działał ze względu na środowisko, w którym się znajduje, ale dodał:

Obudowa zewnętrzna może być zardzewiała. Ale na dysku wewnętrznym, na którym przechowywane są dane, powinna istnieć duża szansa, że ​​nadal działa. Wierzę, że wciąż będzie szansa. Ale im dłużej to trwa, jest mniej prawdopodobne, że będzie to możliwe.

Urzędnicy sprzeciwiają się jednak, że wykopaliska wiążą się z zagrożeniami dla środowiska i że jeśli dysk twardy nie zostanie znaleziony, musieliby sami pokryć rachunek. Howells powiedział jednak, że jest gotów przekazać środki na rachunek powierniczy, aby pokryć koszty wykopalisk.

Analysts suspect start of Main phase

Buy Bitcoins? Analysts suspect start of Main phase

Bitcoin has seen a strong rally in recent weeks and today fittingly for the bullish 2021 outlook, the Bitcoin price has exploded by almost 12% to currently $32,687.

Analysts believe that Bitcoin’s main bull phase has now arrived. This comes despite some concerns shared months ago that the Cryptosoft cryptocurrency market was due for an overdone consolidation due to the pandemic and its impact on global markets.

BTC is in its main bull phase

According to crypto analyst Willy Woo, bitcoin is now in its main bull phase:

„If you are looking to get in to hoard bitcoin for the long term, don’t get in at the drop of a hat. You’re not going to sweat a few thousand dollars for a less than perfect entry when in a year it’s $100k, $200k, $300k… The main bull phase is here. The capital inflows are crazy.“

He cites in particular the incredible amount of capital inflows towards bitcoin at the moment. Technology analyst Kevin Rooke observed in December that the Grayscale Investments BTC Trust (GBTC) bought nearly 13,000 BTC off the market in a single day. He wrote on the matter:

„Bad news for BTC bears. Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust just picked up 12,319 BTC in $GBTC in a single day. That’s more than the 11,512 BTC they added throughout last week when BTC broke its ATH.“

Will there be resets in bitcoin? Absolutely. Will bitcoin reach $100,000 or more? That’s hard to answer, but be aware that the price has risen extremely in the past and now big players like Microstrategy, PayPal, Fidelity and more are in the market buying up Bitcoin as a hedge to fiat currencies. To put it simply, there will be no more than 21 million Bitcoins.

Strong interest in Bitcoin

Confirming the feeling that Bitcoin is in a bull market, data shows that there is strong interest in the leading cryptocurrency.

Pantera Capital, a leading crypto asset fund, found that there is a large amount of retail demand for Bitcoin, as evidenced by PayPal’s crypto volumes. On this topic, the firm wrote:

When @PayPal went live, volume started exploding. The increase in itBit volume implies that within two months of going live, PayPal is already buying more than 100% of the new supply of bitcoins.#bitcoinshortage

– Dan Morehead (@dan_pantera) December 27, 2020

In the US, it is already possible to invest in Bitcoin directly via PayPal. In Europe, this will probably also be available towards the end of 2021. If you still want to safely invest in Bitcoin with PayPal, we recommend this guide: Buy Bitcoins with PayPal

Will central banks hold Bitcoin in 2021?

Alex Krüger has changed his mind about the adoption of bitcoin by the central bank (BC).

He posted a tweet about it, talking about adopting BTC over gold.

Krüger even sees a modest entry into the market as having a huge effect

Renowned cryptocurrency trader and founder of Aike Capital, Alex Krüger, tweeted on January 1 that the bitcoin-gold relationship needed a closer look.

Sooner or later central banks (CBs) will hold bitcoins , says Krüger. The reason, he says, has to do with gold and the way central banks treat it.

In a series of tweets, Krüger shows how the demand for gold has changed in 2020.

I changed my mind.

Major central banks will eventually hold #Bitcoin as a reserve asset.

So let’s explore what central bank demand for gold looks like .

Habits are hard to change

Krüger begins by showing that central bank demand for gold has remained stable for much of the past ten years. However, it dropped dramatically in 2020. It also draws attention to the fact that adding liquidity pushes up gold prices.

So who bought gold? Without going into detail on why CBs have reduced their gold consumption so much, Krüger points out that institutional investors dominated demand in 2020. Jewelry, on the other hand, has fallen, as demand is price sensitive. .

Hvorfor Bitcoin var MicroStrategys eneste mulighed

MicroStrategy brød stilheden, da den investerede i Bitcoin. Det ændrede, hvordan institutioner så Bitcoin fra et investeringsperspektiv. Fra skeptikere, der kritiserer [kritiserer] Michael Saylor og MicroStrategys investeringsbeslutning til de samme mennesker, der dypper tæerne i Bitcoin-investeringer, har tingene ændret sig til det bedre i sidste kvartal.

Var MicroStrategys beslutning dog god?

Nå, klart, især da dets overskud er mere end fordoblet siden dets investering i Bitcoin. Faktisk steg det samme til 194%, efter at Bitcoin steg til $ 23.700 for mindre end 24 timer siden. Selvom overskuddet er godt, er det bedste, at aktiekursen nu har klaret sig meget bedre end Bitcoin siden sin første investering i august.

Konkurrenter til MSTRs Bitcoin-investering

Siden august har Bitcoin steget med 106%, mens MSTR er steget med massive 124%. Tesla har dog overgået MSTR selv og registrerer afkast på 153%.

Efterhånden ville investering i TSLA måske (selvom det var underligt for et offentligt selskab at investere i et andet offentligt selskab) måske have givet MSTR mere overskud end Bitcoin hidtil har været siden august. Man skal dog forstå, at mens TSLA uden tvivl ville have returneret mere afkast end Bitcoin, ville disse afkast være kortvarige.

I modsætning til Bitcoin har Tesla flere variabler eller wild cards, der vildt kan påvirke aktiekursen. Mens denne risiko for det ukendte enten kunne give MST høje afkast i fremtiden eller måske lavere, er Bitcoin blevet programmeret til at fortsætte sin rejse ind i knaphed, hvilket betyder, at der er færre variabler.

En ting at bemærke her er, at både Bitcoin eller Tesla står over for almindelige usikkerheder som pandemien og dens virkninger på det globale finansielle marked. Nå, hvad med andre sikre aktiver som guld eller sølv?

Det er klart, at afkastet på både disse eller andre sikre havneaktiver eller ædle metaller har været lavere end Bitcoin eller TSLA.


Mens der muligvis er bedre aktiver, der måske giver bedre afkast end Bitcoin på kort sigt, er de ikke levedygtige for den langsigtede investering, som MSTR leder efter. Indtil videre, i usikre tider som disse, ser kryptokurrencyøkosystemet ud til at være det eneste med svaret.

Desuden er aktien siden sin Bitcoin-investering også steget, hvilket er en usædvanlig kendsgerning i betragtning af MicroStrategys konkurrenter – Looker & IBM – som begge har næsten nul afkast siden august. Tværtimod har en anden konkurrent, Domo, oplevet en stigning på 100% i samme tidsperiode og er ergo en undtagelse.